Our philosophy and company culture

Work philosophy: Unity, pragmatism, and practical work
Product strategic concept: To produce the first generation with precision, to accelerate the development of the first generation, to accurately identify the pre research generation, and to expand the exploration generation
Crisis awareness: Embracing bombs to engage in business and fighting against the marke.
Humanistic philosophy: care, love, enthusiasm, and comfort
Decision making philosophy: scientific, democratic, thoughtful, and decisive
Technological progress concept: introduction, absorption, innovation, and leapfrogging
Labor employment philosophy: competitive employment and reasonable mobility
Income distribution philosophy: diversified distribution and performance-based compensation
Learning philosophy: Learning infinite, creating infinite
Team leader's philosophy: lead everyone well and do everything well
Clean governance philosophy: do things with light, be a pure person, do not be blinded by the lights and wine, and do not reach out for unjust wealth
Environmental protection concept: Protecting the environment is loving life
Safety production concept: people-oriented, safety first
Quality philosophy: Pursuing excellence and creating high-quality products
Marketing philosophy: Selling services and winning people's hearts
Service philosophy: responsive service, value-added service, efficient service, fast, thoughtful, enthusiastic